you don’t have to be perfect….

You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to get started!

That saying….prompted me to start this blog. I always wanted to have a personal finance blog to share the little golden nuggets I’ve learned along the way, but I always thought it needed to be perfect right out of the gate. The truth is, this is pretty bare bones at the moment, nothing fancy, but I decided to put myself out there and TRY.  The same holds true for getting your debt paid down… don’t have to be perfect at it..just get started.  Any little change you make in the way you think about your money is going to earn you some return on investment. Peace of mind, financial freedom, flexibility-I mean think about what life would be like if you just got that monkey off your back.

I also wanted to share this with you. In any journey (business or personal) I’ve set out to accomplish, I’ve always found myself to succeed MORE if I surrounded myself with people who will encourage me when I’m doing well, support me when I’m struggling, and hold me accountable to my own personal goals when I’m wavering.

So stop trying to be perfect and surround yourself with positive, encouraging friends.

And here’s a picture of my dog with a monkey on her back!

gracie with a monkey on her back


One thought on “you don’t have to be perfect….

  1. hahaha!!!! i just read through that entire post and then the “and, here is a picture of my dog with a monkey on her back” i could TOTALLY hear those words coming out of your mouth and i busted up laughing!! lol! 🙂

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