it feels better to…..

One of the hardest things to do when trying to “save money” and get yourself out of debt is to say NO to things you would have jumped on back when you had your old habits. That new T.V., the vacation with friends, the new boots or purse, the latest <XYZ>…you get my point.

My secret?             Learn to be content. Be content with what you ALREADY have….appreciate what you ALREADY have. You may not think you have “enough” ….but reality check-you have more “stuff” than other people around the world.

If you follow Suze Orman, she suggests that you get an 8 month emergency fund (enough money to get you thru 8 months worth of living expenses) set up so that you can have a peaceful piece of mind that if you come to any bumps in the road, you have a fund to draw from instead of going further into debt on your credit card. But don’t let that overwhelm you, having ANY money in an emergency fund is better than having NEGATIVE money in your emergency fund.  Until you have your “stash” saved up, do this…….If you get the urge to go out and buy something (a want)-go home and wait two days. Then when you finally come to your senses and realize that you don’t really need it and that it was just a want, take the money you WOULD HAVE SPENT and put it in your savings account. It would have been gone anyways right?

And then remember this after you see the money start to build up……..

If feels better knowing you COULD HAVE  it but you choose to say no…… than it does to WISH you could have it but can’t because you didn’t have the money. In other words, it feels better knowing that I COULD buy a brand new car if I wanted to because I could go get a loan than it does to be told NO by the bank because I can’t get a loan. Do you see the difference? It’s what helps me say NO more often and helps me watch my savings account beef up.


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