hidden rules of social classes…

“How much do you really know about the day-to-day struggles of the poor in the U.S.? If, like me, you find yourself comfortably in the middle class, you might find it difficult to understand the worldview of a person in generational poverty.  This raises serious questions about the appropriate moral responses to such situations, given our call to be in solidarity with the poor and to transform sinful social structures.” -Ruby Payne.

I had the opportunity to listen to Ruby Payne speak once a few years ago. I sat in awe as she spoke on stage. Before I became solely self employed, I once had a job in the human service field. Part of our training requirements was to go to this training that dealt with learning more about the hidden rules of social classes. I left there with a headache as I tried to absorb everything like a sponge. The topic of her entire presentation (that day) was to have a hands-on approach to seeing what it was like for families to live on minimum wage. We were given (fake) money and had to allocate where it was going to go and what was going to get paid. We were learning how to work with families of all social classes so that we could have a better understanding to how they prioritized certain things over the other.

If you’re not familiar with Ruby Payne (and why would you be if you aren’t interested in this topic)- she is an expert on the mindsets of economic classes and overcoming the hurdles of poverty, she has trained hundreds of thousands of professionals who work with people from poverty, from educators and school administrators to community, church, and business leaders. She is amazingly awesome!

So why was I so intrigued? Well, everything she was talking about resonated with me to the core. I grew up on the left side of the chart……and as she talked about “the rules” I had so many ah-ha moments! You see being in poverty is not only a “money” issue…it’s also a mindset. Let that sink in…..a mind set. I truly believe that in some strange way, when you train yourself to think differently, it may affect how you look at your finances. By adjusting the way  you think about money could change the way you handle/manage your money.

I could go on and on about the things that I learned that day. And I will blog about them in future posts….but I’ll leave you with this today.

It’s a mindset……..shift the way you think!

hidden rules of social classes, ruby payne


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