you’re trapped..

Do you realize that as American citizens, we are among the “freest” people in the world. People have fought and died for us to have that very freedom. So what would you say if I told you……… doesn’t matter because you’re trapped. *gasp* I know what you’re thinking…what is she talking about?

Let this sink in….we are taught how to be taught. We go thru school with the goal of graduating with good grades. THEN….we GET THE PRIVILEGE to go into student loan debt to obtain our college career.  Then when you’ve used your privilege to go to college, racked up a bunch of student loan debt (and credit card debt) you are given a piece of paper which in some ways represents security. A promise for job security…..and we all know how this pans out!

Your life is a script. In some ways it’s already written for us. We are the American Dream right?!  We are supposed to work really hard so that you can buy lots of stuff. It’s the normal script. Go to college, come out with debt, buy a house, go into debt, want that expensive purse or boots (why not yo’re’ going to get a good job so that you can afford it-someday)…you get the idea. It’s the American Dream…to own expensive STUFF so that we can show our friends and family-or people we don’t even know how well we’re doing.

Sure debt has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years-but we have perfected it. Don’t have the money-no problem, put it on your credit card, take out a loan, you can just work harder to pay for the stuff.  That would work of course if we all LOVED our jobs, we wouldn’t mind working HARDER to pay for the stuff…but the sad fact is that a very large majority of the population hates their job. So they’re working harder, longer in a job they hate so that they can pay for debts…have you ever wandered why we’re over worked and stressed?

It’s exactly why the storage companies have made so much money. We buy storage space so that we can put our stuff there so that we have room to go purchase more stuff!  So in a sense…we aren’t really FREE. We’re trapped…… by the script….and stuff.

Write your own script……..


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