i paid off my student loans…..

Happy early Birthday to MEEEEE!!!! This morning I did something I have DREAMED of doing since I graduated college 8 years ago…….I paid off my student loans…awwwwwe yeah!!! 

i paid off my student loanFor some of you, you’re thinking, well big deal, I graduated with zero loans and I say…..AWESOME!!! And for those of you who say, that it will be forever before you get to say the same, I say, you can DEWIT! I put myself through college 100% on my own, with ZERO help from anyone! I didn’t qualify for a lot of financial aid because my family was part of the “working poor” that made just enough to be exempt. My parents obviously didn’t have the extra cash so I was determined not to let money be the reason NOT to go to college. No one in my family had gone past a high school diploma…and I wanted to break the cycle!  I worked 2 jobs thru  college while building up my business on the side and it’s been a LONG 8 years but I can finally say that my school loans can “kiss it”! haha!

This morning I wrote the last and final check I will EVER be paying to the American Education Services….it’s been nice knowing you! As I wrote “Paid in Full” in the memo of my check, I got emotional. It’s corny-I know this! BUT this is a huge milestone for me! I turn the big THREE-ZERO in two days….*sniff sniff* and I had a few goals that I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30. One was to be completely self employed and the other was to pay off my student loans….check….and CHECK!

Hard work and determination can get you anywhere. Now that I’m debt free (except my mortgage) in both my personal AND business life….I can finally thank my Mom for being so annoying growing up and drilling into my mind that it pays to  ”put a little elbow grease in it”, “hard work won’t kill you”…and “if you want it bad enough,  you’ll find a way to make it happen!”

Food for thought: Did you know that in most cases student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy?



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